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Portfolio Management


    1. The Discretionary portfolio management services (DPMS):

    ■ In this type of services, the client parts with his money in favor of manager, who in return, handles all the paper work, makes all the decisions and gives a good return on the investment and for this he charges a certain fees.

    ■ In this discretionary PMS, to maximize the yield, almost all portfolio managers parks the funds in the money market securities such as overnight market, 182 days treasury bills and 90 days commercial bills.


    Capital markets over a long period have always given a better return than any other investment.
    The investment in stock markets by individuals is a complicated business. It is better that a professional handles this.


    There are two types of Portfolio Management which are desribed  below:
    1. The discretionary portfolio management service (DPMS): In this type, the client gives his money for investment to the manager, who handles the paperwork. makes all investment decisions and gives good return to the investors and charges a fee for the service rebdered.
    2. The non-discretionary [...]

  • Functions of Portfolio Management

    To frame investment strategy and select an investment mix.

    To provide a balanced portfolio, which will hedge against inflation and also optimise returns.

    To make timely decisions regarding sale and purchase of securities.

    To maximize after tax return by investing part of the portfolio in tax savings investments.

  • Introduction to Portfolio Management

    A portfolio is collection of assets. In portfolio management these assets  are financial in nature. The portfolio manager invests the money in diverse assets with the aim of maximizing returns and minimizing the risk.
    Portfolio manager means any person who pursuant to a contact with a client undertakes the management of a portfolio of securities or [...]